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Sample Questions

Question: 1

You issued the following command:
SQL> DROP TABLE employees
Which three statements are true?

A. All uncommitted transactions are committed.
B. All indexes and constraints defined on the table being dropped are also dropped.
C. Sequences used in the employees table become invalid.
D. The space used by the employees table is reclaimed immediately.
E. The employees table can be recovered using the rollback command.
F. The employees table is moved to the recycle bin.

Answer: BCF

Section: (none)
Reference: http://www.sqlcourse.com/drop.html

Question: 2

You want to display 5 percent of the rows from the sales table for products with the lowest AMOUNT_SOLD and also want to include the rows that have the same AMOUNT_SOLD even if this causes the output to exceed 5 percent of the rows.
Which query will provide the required result?
Real 48 Oracle 1z0-061 Exam

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Answer: D

Question: 3

Which two statements are true regarding the count function?

A. The count function can be used only for CHAR, VARCHAR2, and NUMBER data types.
B. Count (*) returns the number of rows including duplicate rows and rows containing null value in any of the columns.
C. Count (cust_id) returns the number of rows including rows with duplicate customer IDs and NULL value in the CUST_ID column. 
Real 70 
Oracle 1z0-061 Exam
D. Count (distinct inv_amt) returns the number of rows excluding rows containing duplicates and NULL values in the INV_AMT column.
E. A select statement using the COUNT function with a DISTINCT keyword cannot have a where clause.

Answer: BD

Question: 4

Examine the structure proposed for the transactions table:
Real 8 Oracle 1z0-061 Exam

Which two statements are true regarding the creation and storage of data in the above table structure?

A. The CUST_STATUS column would give an error.
B. The TRANS_VALIDITY column would give an error.
C. The CUST_STATUS column would store exactly one character.
D. The CUST_CREDIT_LIMIT column would not be able to store decimal values.
E. The TRANS_VALIDITY column would have a maximum size of one character.
F. The TRANS_DATE column would be able to store day month century year hour minutes seconds and fractions of seconds

Answer: BC

Section: (none)
VARCHAR2(size)Variable-length character data (A maximum size must be specified: minimum size is 1: maximum size is 4000.) CHAR [(size)] Fixed-length character data of length size bytes (Default and minimum size is 1: maximum size is 2000.) NUMBER [(p s)] Number having precision p and scale s (Precision is the total number of decimal digits and scale is the number of digits to the right of the decimal point: precision can range from 1 to 38 and scale can range from 84 to 127.) DATE Date and time values to the nearest second between January 1 4712 B.C. and December 31 9999 A.D.

Question: 5

Which statement is true regarding the UNION operator?

A. By default the output is not sorted.
B. Null values are not ignored during duplicate checking.
C. Names of all columns must be identical across all select statements.
D. The number of columns selected in all select statements need not be the same.

Answer: D

Section: (none)
The SQL UNION query allows you to combine the result sets of two or more SQL SELECT statements. It removes duplicate rows between the various SELECT statements. Each SQL SELECT statement within the UNION query must have the same number of fields in the result sets with similar data types.

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